The vibe in a relationship changes over time for various reasons. Work, family, and just everyday life dynamics can leave us in a rut and in need of some push to get things spicy again. Have you ever thought of using erotic stories and erotic poetry to spice up your relationship? 

Read on to find out how you can get the fun and love back into your life.

Erotic Poetry and Erotic Stories

Erotica encompasses stories, scenes, and short reads that contain detailed descriptions of sexual tension or sexual encounters. These can be as detailed as stating the color of a woman’s vagina and how tight her walls squeezed the cock of the man inside her to being as vague as saying how she felt her insides tighten at the sight of the man she loves. 

Different writers and genres tell their erotic stories differently and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Erotica has always been popular but women were always afraid to admit that they love them. Que the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ era and now women all over the world are hopping on board the erotic train like a storm. Even the most stressful relationships can get a new lease on life if the sex is good. Let’s face it – if you are getting wet, sloppy sex from your man, or even your own toys and fingers, aren’t you in a much better mood and more likely to try to make things work?

How Can Erotic Sex Stories Get You In The Mood?

What is it with erotic poems and stories and how can they really help a relationship? I outline three ways below:

  • The Erotic Tension – Imagine a date night on the beach that begins with a glass of wine and holding hands. You then end up holding hands and having a stimulating conversation that turns you both on. Your man ends up reaching under the table and rubbing your clit as your eyes dilate. Needing a release, you bend over the table and tell him to fuck you hard and fast from behind. Imagine that this is in a story you read and your man comes home while you’re still in that mood. What would you do to him? Erotic poems and stories are for more than just entertainment. They get you in the mood by building tension that makes you want to immediately jump your partner. Spontaneity never ruined a relationship. 


  • The Fantasy – Let’s face it – we all have fantasies whether we end up telling our partners or not. Group sex, role-playing, and even just some good hours-long sex sessions in a penthouse suite with glass walls can be some common fantasies for women. Reading erotica provides a safe place for you to explore these fantasies without disclosing them to anyone. It can also give you the courage to tell your partner, who might be happy to make them a reality. When you picture your partner in a sexual situation that you want to partake in, it makes them more attractive and desirable in your eyes. Try fantasizing about your partner while reading erotica and see the wonders it does for your relationship. 


  • Increased Sexual Desire – Erotica and romantic stories make you feel good…all over…nice and wet. The endorphins, the sexual build-up, and the tension increase your sexual desires and make you want sex with your partner more. This helps you to feel closer to your partner and the intimacy helps you to feel safe enough to tackle any other challenges you face. Try reading erotica when you are stressed and see how it helps your mood and desire for your man. 

How To Use Erotic Stories as Foreplay

You can make reading erotic poetry or stories a consistent part of foreplay. If you have difficulties getting in the mood for sex and you need a distraction to help, read an erotic poem from Erotic Minutes and it’s sure to get you wet and ready for your man. To kick things up a notch, send a screenshot of one of the poems to him and tell him you’re thinking about him as you’re reading. Let him know you need him and see how quickly those long meetings get canceled. 

Read Erotic Minutes: A Collection Of Erotic Poetry

Let’s rock the boat of your boring love life and spice up your relationship with erotic poems from Erotic Minutes. Your relationship and your body will thank you. 

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