The Erotic Poetry Collection by Ara Gunz

Intense, yet sweet. Raunchy, yet classy. Hardcore, yet gentle.

This erotic poetry collection is sure to add some fire to your life. From poems titled ‘Harder!’ and ‘Foreplay’ to the scintillating ‘Tied Up’, we dare you to indulge in this steamy read and reignite the passion that is missing from your life. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Erotic Poetry
Erotic Poetry

Erotic Minutes

Allow the Minutes to seduce you into the Seconds. Erotic Minutes is the newest addition to my series of raunchy, erotic poetry.

Erotic Minutes is an irresistible book for all those who want to explore. Whether with self or another, you will love the boldness of Erotic Minutes. It will entice and intrigue your senses. May you keep coming back for more.


Who Is Ara Gunz?

Ara is simply amazing. A lover at heart, she continues to write for those afraid to live out loud and those unafraid of self-judgment. Somewhere in the middle, she finds the balance that says it’s ok. Enjoy her giving, as much as she enjoys giving it to you.

Can Erotic Stories Spice Up A Relationship?

The vibe in a relationship changes over time for various reasons. Work, family, and just everyday life dynamics can leave us in a rut and in need of some push to get things spicy again. Have you ever thought of using erotic stories and erotic poetry to spice up your relationship? 

Read on to find out how you can get the fun and love back into your life.

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Other Books By Ara Gunz

Erotic Seconds

Arousing. Entertaining. Intriguing. 

Say goodbye to mediocrity and immerse yourself in the riveting poems in Erotic Seconds, a Collection of Erotic Poetry that was created to ignite the fire in your soul. Accept your invitation to be transported to a place where vivid pictures form from intoxicating words. 

Erotic Seconds is an intimate, erotic and stimulating read that is a celebration of love and intimacy. It is a must have in the library of all liberal women. 

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